Turtle Nesting Season In Cabo Is Here

Questro Group

Children assist in releasing turtles back to sea.

For millions of years, sea turtles have migrated the world’s oceans and two species, specifically, the Olive Ridley and the Leatherback, are the only two species that lay their eggs on the beaches of Los Cabos. Thanks to dedicated people like Manuel Solano (featured in a A Sanctuary for Sea Turtles and Their Guardian), who has protected sea turtles since 2008 and safely assisted thousands of hatchling’s each year back to sea, there has been a greater awarenes of their endangerment in the Cabo region.   Typically, the Olive Ridley Turtle nesting season in Cabo runs from June through October, and the Leatherback, the largest of the sea turtle species, begins in October through April.  However, both are seen nesting in smaller numbers year round.

Although Solano is making a big difference in protecting the turtles, help is always welcome. There is a five-day adventure initiated by “Campamento Tortugero del Estero San Jose del Cabo,” that offers a first-hand experience of learning about the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle.  The unique program is offered by Baja and Beyond at Rancho San Cristobal Nature Reserve just 10 miles north of Cabo San Lucas.  Supervised groups of eight or less, will learn how to patrol the Cabo beaches and participate in the assisting of the endangered turtle species, as they make their way back to sea. The week’s schedule includes nursery training and work for handling the eggs in tagging, measuring and identification. It will also include in-depth biology, taxonomy and ecology for better understanding of the species.

For more information about this unique and exciting program, contact Cabo San Lucas Sea Turtle Rescue.

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